a p p r o a c h

A seismic shift in mental health practice is currently taking place. This shift - driven by the world’s leading experts in the field - is informed by significant developments in psychological theory, the emergence of epigenetics and the very latest insights of neuroscience.


Far from a change at just the theoretical level, this radical shift represents the birth of a completely new framework of understanding and treating mental health issues - named by the leading American neuroscientist clinician Dr Allan Schore, as "the new paradigm".


Bringing contemporary psychological and human development theories together with the latest insights of neuroscience, the new paradigm is a single theoretically cohesive clinical approach, based on the premise that human mental, physical and relational processes are intrinsically interconnected. Thus, the new paradigm uses a psycho-bio-social-spiritual approach that includes and addresses all aspects of the client’s experience - mental, emotional, physical, social/relational and spiritual/existential.


Rather than focusing on only the upper, explicit levels of human experience (thought and behaviour), the new paradigm uses a ‘bottom up’ neurobiological approach to working with implicit processes, that change the client’s experience in foundational ways. Issues are addressed in both a psychodynamic manner (exploring the client’s history) and real time between the client and therapist, from a co-created relational (intersubjective) stance.


This powerful integrative approach serves to directly impact clients’ actual physiology - including regulation of nervous system arousal, HPA axis function, brain structure, wiring, myelination, hemispheral integration, vagal nerve function and more.Further, it provides reparative relational experiences that address developmental deficits arising from attachment disorders, abuse, neglect and childhood trauma. 


Importantly, our approach seeks to resolve issues at their origin. Integrating the client’s historic and present day experience at cognitive, affect and neurobiological levels and restoring their full human functionality and potential.

Elle has undertaken training and professional development with the world's leading experts in the field, including Allan Schore, Dan Siegel, Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges, Gabor Mate, Stan Tatkin, Janina Fisher, Pat Ogden, Martin Teicher, Ed Tronick, Steve Perry and Karl Heinz Brisch.