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couples therapy

Relationship therapy for couples

Online via Zoom

Intimate relationships are an integral part of being human. Whilst we all hope to find safety, closeness, acceptance and unconditional love with a partner, we can instead find ourselves feeling fear, anger, confusion, loss, aloneness and emptiness.  We may struggle to create healthy relationship dynamics or find ourselves in endless cycles of conflict and pain.

Traumatic relational experiences from our past can prevent us from experiencing the connection we want and need in the present. Research shows that our earliest relational experiences with our parents or caregivers, have a profound influence on how we will go on to experience relationship in adult life. Our first experiences of connection create templates of relating, which in turn become wired into our 'attachment system' - silently informing the ways we go on to have relationship without our even realising it.

Traumatic experiences in intimate connections as an adult, can further embed our sense of being unsafe in relationship and get in the way of our achieving the safe, healthy, supportive, authentic relational experiences we need and desire.


Our trauma informed couples therapy uses a cutting edge approach to get to the root cause of the issues you experience with your partner. Drawing on the very latest insights in 'interpersonal neurobiology' - the science of human connection - we support you both to make sense of your relationship in empowering new ways and to develop the intimacy you yearn for.


Couples therapy is suitable for:

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Trust issues

  • Betrayal and infidelity

  • Sexual & sexuality issues

  • Lack of intimacy

  • Frequent triggering

  • Loss of connection

  • Commitment issues

  • Communication issues

  • Life transitions

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Preparation for marriage

  • Separation & divorce

  • Boundary issues

  • Cultural issues

  • Self development via relationship

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