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parent therapy

Parenting support for individuals & couples

Online via Zoom

Parenting is the most important job on the planet. Yet parents are often unrecognised and unsupported - doing the best they can but frequently feeling they are falling short of the parent they had hoped they would be. 


Our parent therapy is based on the contemporary insight that the single biggest influence on our parenting, is the parenting we ourselves received. Unresolved traumatic experiences in our own childhoods, directly inform the way we will parent our own children - frequently leading us to feel stuck, frustrated, distressed or even hopeless as we struggle to be the parent we yearn to be.

Far from old school behavioural approaches, our cutting edge parent support draws on the very latest neuroscience and human development theory, to help you understand your child and their needs; make sense of yourself as a parent; gain key insights from your own childhood and build a robust, real & healthy connection with your child.


Parent therapy is suitable for:

  • Lack of connection or attachment

  • Post natal depression

  • Feelings of resentment as a parent

  • Difficulty establishing boundaries with child

  • Feeling not good enough as a parent

  • Parental anxiety

  • Difficulty attuning to child

  • Separation issues

  • Frequent triggering in response to child

  • Anger issues in response to child

  • Exhaustion, depletion, loss of capacity as parent

  • Preparing for parenthood

  • Preparing for childbirth

  • Pregnancy issues - emotional

  • Parental overwhelm

  • Differences in parenting approach/style

  • Single or sole parenting

  • Shared care arrangements

  • Co-parenting with a narcissist

  • Co-parenting post family violence

  • Parenting through separation & divorce

  • Parenting a dysregulated child

  • Healing trauma through parenting

  • Self development through parenting

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