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trauma informed coaching

One -on-one coaching for individual adults

Online via Zoom

Coaching is a form of support that seeks to help you craft a life of meaning, fulfilment and your own brand of success.


Often, traditional forms of coaching suggest you can "choose the life you want", that change is "all in the mind", or offer other cognitive and behavioural techniques to achieving change. Our contemporary trauma informed coaching recognises that true change cannot occur where unresolved trauma is present. That no amount of willpower, striving, self talk, goal setting, strategising, planning,  affirmations or flow charts can alter the self structure, patterns and core beliefs held in the deepest recesses of our brain, body and Self.

Traumatic experience becomes stored in us when a threatening event is too big, too painful, or scary for us to process in real time. As a result, many of us are unaware we carry traumas that are implicitly informing every aspect of our lives. Driving us from within, unresolved traumas determine our limitations, hold us hostage with procrastination, avoidance and denial, keep us stuck in patterns of reaction and prevent us from healing, changing or evolving.

Rather than using traditional 'top down' mental approaches to supporting change, our trauma informed coaching uses cutting edge strategies that integrate the hemispheres of the brain, regulate the nervous system and help you get to the root cause of what holds you back or keeps you stuck.

Using the very latest neuroscientific, psychobiological and human development insights, our coaching delivers psycho-education, somatic (body inclusive) tools and contemporary psychological approaches to support you to embody your most authentic and fulfilled Self, whilst achieving those things that are important to you.


Trauma informed coaching is suitable for anyone seeking transformational support to achieve their goals in their personal or professional lives. It is suitable for self development, professional development, corporate coaching, business development, or as an adjunct to mental health treatment that is not trauma informed. Trauma coaching is also suitable for professional debriefing following a traumatic work related incident. 

Please note: Trauma informed coaching is not therapy and cannot replace clinical treatment where it is indicated.

Trauma informed coaching may be beneficial for:

  • single event trauma recovery

  • post traumatic stress and PTSD recovery

  • work related trauma recovery

  • trauma education

  • vicarious traumatisation

  • professional debriefing

  • adjunct to therapy that is not trauma informed

  • self development

  • self regulation

  • life purpose 

  • goal setting & achievement

  • business coaching

  • teachers, lecturers & education professionals

  • human resources professionals

  • legal professionals

  • mental health professionals

  • medical professionals

  • community sector professionals

  • professional sportspeople

  • CEOs & managers 

  • birth, foster, adoptive parents

  • allied health practitioners

  • emergency services professionals

  • self employed people

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